London, May 17, 2024

XTM International, the leading provider of translation technology for enterprises, is excited to announce the launch of XTRF 9.9. This update includes enhanced integration between XTM Cloud and XTRF, as well as improved vendor management and invoicing capabilities.

Enhanced Integration Between XTRF and XTM Cloud:

XTRF 9.9 brings together the strengths of XTRF and XTM Cloud, offering users a seamless experience and unlocking new possibilities in translation management.

Now, projects that are created in XTRF Smart Projects can be automatically pushed to XTM Cloud, with all project information being automatically imported from XTRF. Project managers will be able to manage the project fully from XTRF, while linguists can leverage all the powerful features of XTM Cloud, including advanced terminology features, powerful translation memory, query management functionality, QA checks, and more, to produce high-quality translations at speed.

“This enhanced integration between XTRF and XTM Cloud is a significant leap forward in our ongoing mission to deliver the most comprehensive end-to-end translation platform,” said Ian Evans, CEO at XTM International. “We’re excited about the possibilities this integration unlocks, empowering our users with a unified solution that streamlines their translation management processes from start to finish.”

Key features of XTRF 9.9 also include:

  • Better Vendor Management: Introducing the Restricted Vendor Pool feature for customized vendor selection and tailored vendor pools for sensitive clients.
  • Revamped Client Invoicing Flow: Redesigned invoicing flow with enhanced PDF storage and retention capabilities, improving traceability and transparency.

For more information, check the blog post or watch the dedicated webinar.

About XTM International:

XTM International empowers enterprises to expand into global markets faster by streamlining and fully automating localization processes through its suite of solutions: XTM Cloud, XTRF, and Rigi. The combination of these solutions provides a fully integrated and complete Translation Platform that helps companies reach their global customers more quickly and effectively while boosting their bottom line. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology and supporting over 220 languages and more than 40 out-of-the-box integrations, the XTM Translation Platform delivers the future of localization to more than 25,000 unique active users worldwide.

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Melissa Favre-Lorraine
Product Marketing Manager

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