On April 22, 2024, TransPerfect announced the acquisition of Content Lab, a media localization firm located in South Africa. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Content Lab is described as the “leading localization facility in South Africa”, and operates from its flagship studio in Cape Town. The media localization firm has reportedly had a major influence on the development of the language dubbing industry in South Africa, serving a global clientele in multiple language pairs. 

With the acquisition, TransPerfect — which has partnered with Content Lab for several years — boosts its capabilities in dubbing and voiceover, subtitling, closed captioning, content strategy, and creative direction in the Southern Africa region.

Phil Shawe, co-CEO and co-founder of TransPerfect, told Slator that Content Lab clients will “gain access to its technology stack”, as well as its “end-to-end service offerings in all languages through the company’s global network of studios.” 

As for TransPerfect’s clients, Shawe commented that “the addition of a South Africa-based physical studio brings local services in Cape Town and greater support for African languages.”

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The Super Agency has confirmed that Content Lab will become a division of TransPerfect Media and will be named TransPerfect Media South Africa, supplementing the company’s existing media solutions network in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Morocco.

Content Lab’s founder, Claudia Mohr, and her leadership team will continue to lead the newly created TransPerfect Media South Africa division.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mohr said “we are thrilled for this next step in our journey, which builds on our existing relationship. Joining forces with TransPerfect will enable us to offer even more breadth and quality in the audiovisual localization services we provide for our clients.”

When asked about media localization demand in South Africa, TransPerfect’s co-CEO Phil Shawe told Slator that “there is a large appetite for content in local languages that is clearly outpacing what resources are currently available. Because of this, we see demand continuing to increase in Africa. The same is true for other emerging markets.”

“Zulu and Afrikaans are two languages in high demand. Zulu in particular, with its strong cultural attachment to the region, will benefit from a strong local presence. In addition, the South African operations will allow for ‘into English’ localization in the same time zone as Europe, due to the sizable pool of English-language talent in the country”, he concluded.

The acquisition follows TransPerfect’s acquisition of TheSpeech last month and is the most recent media localization acquisition since the Super Agency acquired Hiventy in October 2022.

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