Trados, the industry-leading translation platform by RWS, recently announced the upcoming release of Trados Studio 2024, the latest version of their popular computer-assisted translation tool. Studio 2024 is packed full of exciting new features that improve accessibility, democratize access to generative AI, and increase management capabilities:

• Enhance accessibility with features that ensure your business is as sustainable, inclusive, and compliant as possible.
• Accelerate innovation with intelligent AI-enabled features that boost productivity and democratize generative translation for the entire supply chain.
• Advance the user experience with cloud and usability enhancements that streamline and modernize the way you work.

Additionally, we have also released our latest round of enhancements to the Trados platform. Here are just a few of our key innovations:

Improved automation and flexibility with new translation management functionality 

Introduced in 2020, the workflow editor saves significant time by enabling you to customize and automate your workflows easily. We have continued to develop and enhance the workflow editor in recent months, introducing several new functions and making visual refinements for our users.

Most notably, we have now introduced the option to edit outcomes in human workflow tasks. This functionality simplifies the user experience for administrators making it easier for them to manage workflows, particularly when handling task transitions (which help users decide which ‘route’ they want their workflows to follow).

You can now edit task outcomes as follows:

  • Default outcomes: Target tasks generated from a transition can now be edited, further improving the user experience.
  • Custom outcomes: Users can edit the name of a transition, change the target task, delete an outcome, and more quickly identify routes through improved visibility, all of which increase usability and customization in the workflow editor. 
Trados Studio 2024Trados Studio 2024
Screenshot showing new visual improvements in the workflow editor

Streamline project creation and keep them running smoothly with better translation collaboration

Our customer portal is designed to streamline the translation project management process, providing a simple and efficient interface for requestors to create, track and retrieve their projects. To improve this experience further, we have introduced several new customization updates:

  • Add, delete, resize, or move dashboard tiles with ease, making dashboards easier to navigate.
  • Save custom layouts automatically, preserving user preferences across sessions.
  • Access to an alternative streamlined interface, providing a less cluttered environment.
Trados Studio 2024Trados Studio 2024
Screenshot showing new customization settings in the customer portal

Speed up translation processes with new translation productivity features

Get ready for Trados Studio 2024

Last but not least, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Trados Studio 2024, the latest version of our popular computer-assisted translation tool. The release builds on over 40 years of innovation to deliver the most powerful version of Studio yet:

  • Perform a project roundtrip (create, manage, translate, deliver) with screen readers and leverage native dictation in the online editor.
  • Access smart AI capabilities, such as our new ‘Trados Copilot – AI Assistant’ app exclusive to Trados Studio 2024, seamless support for Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE) data and Smart Help – intelligent support as you work.
  • Benefit from full support for local, server and cloud-based projects in the new Manager view, better integration with cloud capabilities and the ability to leverage cloud resources during batch processing in local Studio projects.

If you want to find out more about Studio 2024, you can sign up for our upcoming webinars here.

We hope you find this information useful, and we look forward to bringing you our next quarterly round-up in July!  If your organization is not using Trados, please get in touch to find out more about the solutions we offer.

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Trados, the industry-leading translation platform from RWS, helps localization professionals translate everything. By offering a range of secure, intelligent translation products, we enable everyone across the global translation supply chain to streamline, centralize, and manage their translation work efficiently. 

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