Tomedes Group Introduces Context Translation, a New Beta Feature on –

BEAVERTON, Oregon (USA) — Tomedes Group, a leading language and technology solutions provider, has created an AI division via its platform,, which recently launched a feature called context translation. This innovative beta feature is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve user experience and leverage AI technology in the translation industry.

After analyzing the source text and selected target language, this beta feature uses AI to generate highly customized context-based questions. These questions are in multiple choice format to ensure complete ease of use. The tool then uses the answers provided to craft tailored translations that meet the intention of the user and their message. 

The introduction of this new feature further enhances the pre-existing suite of tools available on Users can already compare and analyze different machine translation engines, such as Google Translate, DeepL, Amazon, ModernMT, and ChatGPT, which allows them to make informed decisions about which engines are suitable for their personal or business-related needs. 

Tomedes Group is dedicated to constant innovation and excellence in delivering language and technology services, as demonstrated by the development of this new feature of context translation. To explore this newest addition to the innovative machine translation tool, visit, and be a part of Tomedes’ journey toward refining the beta feature by sharing your feedback and insights.

About Tomedes:

Tomedes is a leading translation company specialized in translation, interpretation, and localization services to SMEs and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Founded in 2007, the company offers customer-centric multilingual and technological solutions through innovative means and continuous improvement in their operation’s efficiency and output. Committed to elevating translation quality and delivering unparalleled customer experience, Tomedes aims to provide cutting-edge solutions to the language industry.

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