The Future of Live Multilingual Captioning Ai-Media CEO Tony Abrahams –

Tony Abrahams, CEO and Co-founder of Ai-Media, joins SlatorPod to talk about the journey to building a market leader in multilingual live captioning.

Tony discusses his transition from working in finance to co-founding Ai-Media with Alex Jones and introducing large-scale captioning to Australian Pay TV. He gives an overview of Ai-Media’s technology stack, which delivers high-quality automatic captioning through three key elements: encoding, the iCap network, and LEXI.

The CEO talks about the use of respeaking versus LEXI in settings where captioning accuracy is critical, and where there are multiple speakers, mixed-quality audio, or background noise. He discusses how Ai-Media measures live-captioning quality using the NER model, which weights the types of errors as editing errors or recognition errors.

Touching on the multilingual component of Ai-Media, Tony explores the possibility of using AI instead of respeakers and having a fully-automated translation product in the near future. He believes that large language models are an opportunity as the technology has enabled them to interpret sentences more accurately, resulting in a better outcome with LEXI 3.0. 

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Tony gives his thoughts on growing through M&A and the strategy behind acquiring EEG to gain a competitive advantage in terms of its technology and product suite. He shares his rationale for taking AI-Media public.

The CEO reveals Ai-Media’s roadmap for 2023, such as improving the iCap network and launching the LEXI Library, which allows customers to search their media library by captions.

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