Georg Ell, CEO of Phrase, returns to SlatorPod for round 2 to talk about the accelerating adoption of generative technologies and AI.

Discussing the broader implications of AI, Georg notes that business leaders are increasingly focused on language technology for its cost, return on investment, and time-to-value benefits.

Georg points out that these technologies are not just about improving translation quality but also about enabling hyperautomation, hyperpersonalization, and ultimately, hyperscale. 

The CEO shares that enterprise-grade technology for generating multilingual content at scale is still in demand, underscoring the need for robust, enterprise-quality solutions.

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The podcast explores new product launches from Phrase, including the introduction of Next GenMT, which combines GPT 4o with Phrase’s own MT engine to enhance translation quality and efficiency.

Georg also discusses Auto LQA (Language Quality Assessment), an AI-driven solution designed to assist linguists, not replace them, and significantly reduce costs and time spent on quality assessment.

The CEO highlights Phrase’s strategic shift towards being a platform rather than a product-centric company with an updated pricing model that allows customers to access a comprehensive suite of capabilities.

Georg concludes by discussing Phrase’s strategic partnerships with major LSPs and the company’s ecosystem-first approach.

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