Nearly 25% of language service providers now offer AI content generation as a service. This is from an April 2024 Slator survey, conducted for the 2024 Slator Language Industry Market Report.

The survey, which elicited responses from 129 language service providers (LSPs) ranging from Boutiques to Super Agencies, asked respondents to indicate the AI language services that the company currently offers.

The finding supports the thesis that the AI era is opening up major opportunities for the language industry to raise its profile as an enabler of AI-based multilingual content solutions for enterprises.

According to the same Slator survey, two-thirds of LSPs say that “broadening the range of language AI services” is key to remaining competitive in the current landscape. Multilingual AI content generation appears to be a key pillar of such a strategy.

Enterprise buyer demand is also evident. Slator’s 2024 survey of 80 localization buyers for the same Slator report found that 40% named “multilingual text generation” as a top AI need for the next 12 months.

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While enterprises may turn to a range of products to enable AI multilingual text generation (from AI writing tools to AI models like ChatGPT and Gemini), AI-enabled LSPs — many with large, distributed pools of trained linguists and expert-in-the-loop workflow expertise — appear well-positioned to provide comprehensive AI content generation solutions.

Multilingual AI content generation services are currently offered by LSPs under a diverse set of service names. According to a Slator analysis of LSP websites in April 2024, these names include AI Content Creation, AI Copy Editing, AI Copy Reworking, and AI Copywriting, among others.

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