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Native Somali Linguists for Remote L10n Team

  • Starts End of December
  • Medical Assistant App
  • Continuous Translation
  • Remote Team

We are looking for native Somali language specialists who qualify to form a new language team that provides localization services to a medical assistant application.

The application has been localized into 5 languages so far and its additional content has been continuously translated over the last three years. Because of its scope and the importance of familiarizing the new team with content and tone, the introduction of a new language is segmented into three stages. Since it is important for us to build up experienced core teams for long-term support of the app after its release, only candidates who meet the requirements and who are available for all three stages can be considered for this opening.

  1. Translating and proofing the core files
    • approx. 80-100.000 words, divided between language team members
    • this initial bulk translation will be conducted like a traditional translation project with task/part assignments and due dates  
    • will take place throughout January + February, requires high availability to manage the workload
    • payment via word rate
  2. LQA and refinement
    • involves in-app testing, corrections, bug tracking
    • will take place in February, about two weeks
    • payment will switch to hours logged by the team members   
  3. Continuous translation support
    •  after the launch of the localized version, the language team will support the continuous growth of the app’s language files with translations of any new content

Each language team is staffed with at least two translators that can organize the workload among themselves and can communicate about the project with all other teams. This transparent remote team setup expects close collaboration between participants via CAT & Task Tools and Slack channels provided.

This is why the selection process will not only be based on translation skills alone, but will also favor candidate applications that showcase past remote team experience, creativity in finding solutions and a proactive work method. Knowledge of medical terminology is a plus.

All work will be conducted on a Cloud CAT tool in close collaboration with the app’s developers, so some technical proficiency (general understanding of HTML placeholders, variables & placeholders) and excellent English skills are required. 

We are looking forward to your application!

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