Florian and Esther discuss the language industry news of the week, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics sharing their projections for growth in translation and interpreting jobs between 2022-2032.

The duo delves into Reddit’s earnings call, where machine translation is emphasized as a key driver for international growth and content accessibility.

Florian touches on recent AI dubbing developments, such as Adobe’s upcoming generative audio and video tools, and Microsoft Edge’s feature to overlay AI-generated dubbing on videos.

Esther gives an M&A corner, including Argo Translations’ acquisition of Global Accent Translation Services, LanguageWire’s acquisition of WhP International, TransPerfect’s acquisition of Content Lab, and Supertext USA’s spinoff from its Swiss parent company.

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Esther also discusses RWS’ trading update, where the Super Agency announced plans to sell its interest in PatBase, a patent search database, for GBP 30m.

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