Slide One LOQUATICS LEARN MORE Your Content No matter if it is Free-2-Play/Try, Subscription-based or Influencer-driven - revenue, growth and success of your product are determined by your ability to ensure its consistant flow of newly created stream reaches any of your target markets via simultanous localization into their respective languages. In the last 10 years, Your content has defined the basic KPI for leading a successful business in the age of digital transformation while producing some of the most popular consumer brands of today. CONTINUE Continuous Delivery To keep up the stream, developers adopted methodology and tools of continuous delivery workflows.
With current mainstays like Slack, Jira and Github, content producers and publishers set common standards in video game, mobile app and e-commerce product development.
CONTINUE arrow_right_alt Automation technologies and alternatives challenging the traditional waterfall management approach emerged in Localization where service and software providers introduced their own set of tools aimed at supporting the "streaming" of content.
Our Services With all the different endpoints in the air and plenty of dots yet to be connected, you need to assign this aspect of your workflow to someone who saves you from time-consuming trial and error processes. HOME Loquatics builds and implements custom-tailored localization structures enabling continuous content release schedules for your video-games and apps without tethering your content production to language service or software providers.
This is where Loquatics comes in with years of practical experience in simply making Localization work for content streams big and small.
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