Language Models Can Predict the Most Suitable Translation Techniques, Study Finds –

In a March 21, 2024 paper, Fan Zhou and Vincent Vandeghinste from KU Leuven demonstrated that language models can predict the most suitable translation techniques for translation and post-editing tasks.  The researchers highlighted a set of persistent issues that remain in MT such as word-for-word translation, false friends, ambiguity, information omission or addition, and cultural […]

TransPerfect Acquires Media Localization Firm Content Lab –

On April 22, 2024, TransPerfect announced the acquisition of Content Lab, a media localization firm located in South Africa. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Content Lab is described as the “leading localization facility in South Africa”, and operates from its flagship studio in Cape Town. The media localization firm has reportedly had […]

Slator Pro Guide: ISO Certifications for LSPs in the Era of AI –

Slator’s 40-page Pro Guide: ISO Certifications for LSPs in the Era of AI is an essential resource on ISO standards for language service providers (LSPs). The Pro Guide analyzes the importance of ISO certifications for staying competitive and shares original data on the most popular ISO standards across the industry in 2024. The Pro Guide […]

How to Overcome the Off-Target Translation Issue in Large Language Models –

In a March 21, 2024 paper, researchers from the University of Sydney, China University of Petroleum, Nayang Technological University, and JD Explore Academy introduced a two-stage fine-tuning technique to address the off-target translation issue. The off-target translation issue occurs when a large language model (LLM) generates translations that deviate from the intended language direction or […]

Inside the Textshuttle and Supertext Merger –

Two Swiss companies joined forces recently as Supertext and Textshuttle announced their merger in April 2024. Textshuttle’s co-Founder and CTO, Samuel Läubli, has become CEO of the combined organization. Supertext is one of the leading language service providers (LSP) in Switzerland — with revenues of USD 20m in 2023. Textshuttle is a machine translation (MT) […]

VSI Group Strengthens Its Leadership Team With Key C-suite Hires –

London, UK (18 April 2024). The VSI Group, a leading media localisation provider, announced two new members of its executive team, Chris Rego as Chief Financial Officer and Carmen Cerdan as Chief Human Resources Officer. Rego joins after the tragic passing of VSI’s previous CFO in late 2023 and Cerdan joins the company in the newly […]

How Localization Automation Can Get Companies a 345% ROI –

The most successful global companies look at multilingual content in a simple, yet strategic way: the benefits realized along the journey from localization spend to satisfied, growing target markets should go beyond a healthy return on investment (ROI) to include greater efficiency, cost savings, and consistently high quality and better service offerings. Reliable localization automation, […]

New ISO Standard 5060 Focuses on Human Evaluation to Ensure Translation Quality –

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the body in charge of developing and publishing international standards, has published a new standard on evaluation of translation output. ISO 5060 is the result of four years of work conducted by the ISO/TC 37/SC 5 technical committee for translation, interpreting and related technology, and the 18th document of […]